A Hybrid Restaurant Featuring Italian + Japanese Food + Design

Levi is an atmospheric restaurant located in Copenhagen, Denmark, designed by Johannes Torpe. The restaurant features a hybrid of Italian and Japanese culinary traditions that is matched by the aesthetics of the space. Named after artisan Romano Levi for his mastery in grappa art, the restaurant wanted a space that represented the spirit of his universe.

restaurant interior with closeup view of glassware

The entryway is met by a luxurious curved Italian-inspired standing bar that was custom designed down to the individual fixtures. The green countertop marble is paired by Torpe-designed Precious Chairs for Moroso. Aside from the matching green upholstery, Kvadrat was used on the ceiling and walls to preserve the acoustics of the space.

The banquettes are entirely custom, allowing for precise proportions between seating areas and proper flow throughout the space. Terrazzo floors and larch wood contribute to the warm ambiance, while custom designed lamps set the mood.

restaurant view looking down at section of marbled bar and dark green and chrome bar stools

restaurant interior looking between two dark green booth tables with series of lamps

restaurant interior with four tables with dark green seating and puffed metal mirrors above

restaurant interior of dark green and wood banquet seating

restaurant interior view of series of dining tables and dark green booth and chair seats

closeup restaurant view of round dining table with dark green seating

long view of restaurant interior showing various tables and dark green seating

long view of restaurant interior featuring series of round tables and dark green seating

daytime restaurant interior view of light wood round tables and dark green chairs and booths

daytime restaurant interior view of dark green seating and light wood tables

Photos by Alastair Wiper.

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