bjarke ingels plans education campus on denmark’s esbjerg island

bjarke ingels group learns from esbjerg


Bjarke Ingels Group / BIG reveals its vision for an educational campus on Denmark‘s Esbjerg Island. The masterplan will form a new framework for a city and campus environment that will reimagine the typical approach to education. The organization of the new proposal — still just a concept — is informed by the current site conditions which include noise from the harbor and strong winds from the west, along with high tides, storm surges, and sunlight. The masterplan seeks to replace a pre-existing development which covered 15,000 square meters with a new build that will cover a reduced footprint of only 13,700 square meters.

bjarke ingels esbjerg denmark
images by Mir, courtesy BIG



a campus for denmark’s growing city of esbjerg


The interior space of Bjarke Ingles Group’s Esbjerg campus is housed within a continuous perimeter, which follows the profile of the existing platform. This wall will enclose a lush, landscaped garden open to the sunlight and shielded from strong winds. What’s more, the varying height of the perimeter block will ensure that everyone has views of either the park or the sea.


The architects have unveiled this ambitious vision as part of the city’s Esbjerg of the Future Vision 2025. The area is expected to grow in population to become an education-centric destination. The plan claims to ‘have skilled labor for all, become a sustainable energy monopoly, a digital hub of Northern Europe,’ and will ‘become a strong tourist destination on the Wadden Sea with optimal conditions for entrepreneurs.’ 

bjarke ingels esbjerg denmark

bjarke ingels esbjerg denmark bjarke ingels esbjerg denmark bjarke ingels group plans educational campus for denmark's esbjerg island

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