dacia’s ‘manifesto concept’ is robust and geared for the outdoors

the living lab of dacia


Dacia unveils its ‘Manifesto’ concept car, showcasing a symbol that is ‘essential but cool, robust,’ built for the outdoors, and both economically and environmentally efficient. While not foreshadowing an upcoming model, the concept is Dacia’s ‘living lab’ infused with the company’s pioneering ideas and innovations which will be available on its future production cars


The team at Dacia notes that Manifesto ‘explores a connection to nature by being environmentally friendly, robust and by demonstrating usefulness in the outdoors,’  boldly expressing the company’s aim to keep up with lovers of nature and adventure.

dacia manifesto conceptimages courtesy Dacia



no doors, windows, nor windshields


With its Manifesto Concept, Dacia ‘redefines the essentials, offering an ever simpler and more genuine experience.’ Without doors, windows, or a windshield, the barriers between the passengers and the environment are eliminated and those inside are fully immersed in nature. The team comments: ‘As you prepare for your open-air activities, there’s nothing quite as convenient as a hard-wearing work surface that serves a variety of purposes instead of a tailgate.’


While immersed in nature, passengers remain linked with the services available on their smartphone. With a ‘Bring-Your-Own-Device approach, the brand enables passengers to fully integrate a smartphone into the dashboard and on-board computer. This system is already available on many of Dacia’s current models and will continue to evolve going forward. Meanwhile, a ‘YouClip’ system allows for a variety of modular accessories to be secured onto the car, a pioneering idea which will be built into future Dacia models.


Manifesto offers a single headlamp, commenting, ‘why use two if one provides all the light you need?‘ This single lamp can even be detached to be used as a powerful torchlight.

dacia manifesto concept



the robust manifesto concept: geared for the outdoors


Known for their durability, Dacia’s cars are dependable for outdoor pursuits. Dacia notes that its Manifesto Concept ‘pushes the limits even further, turning a car into a go-between by connecting people and nature. Manifesto Concept comes with all the off-road hallmarks, including 4-wheel drive, very generous ride height, large wheels and a body built to withstand the toughest terrain. It is waterproof: you can clean the inside with a jet washer. What’s more, the removable seat coverings become sleeping bags in seconds.


Adding to its practicality, the car’s roof rack and reconfigurable carrier bars can accommodate a range of loads. Dacia comments that it has ‘already demonstrated excellence in this area with innovative modular roof bars available on Sandero Stepway and Jogger, soon coming to Duster. A dedicated and removable battery supplies power through a household outlet, turning Manifesto Concept into an energy source for any outdoor activities requiring power.’

dacia manifesto concept



an eco-smart design


With Manifesto Concept, the brand is showcases its ‘vision for a vehicle with a minimal environmental footprint.’ With its compact and lightweight design, it consumes less energy. The group claims that ‘this quest for efficiency goes back a long way in the Dacia range — Jogger, for instance, is 300kg lighter than its seven-seat rivals. Manifesto Concept’s main plastic body parts contain a significant portion of recycled material. Called Starkle®, it is made from already processed polypropylene, with a flecked effect.’


Inside, the car is fit with natural materials — namely the cork which wraps the dashboard. ‘As with the latest Dacia models, the decorative chrome plating is gone. The concept airless tires are another innovative feature, as they aim for environmental friendliness as well as savings. The underlying principle is durability as tires are puncture-proof and last for as long as the vehicle.’

dacia manifesto concept



David Durand, Dacia Design Director comments on Manifesto:At Dacia, we like to keep it real. As we were developing and exploring new ideas, we felt we needed to push them past 3D simulations and see what they look like in real life!


As well as being a designer object, Manifesto Concept encapsulates our vision and combines a wide range of innovation – some involve extreme implementation, but they are still affordable for customers. We will be using a few of them on future Dacia models.’

dacia manifesto concept



Lionel Jaillet, Dacia Product Performance Director, continues:We want to build a range of products that strengthens our brand promise, focusing on the essentials and adapting our vehicles for outdoor activities. Beyond our models, we are also working on innovative features that match our customers’ need and lifestyles even more closely.


Manifesto Concept is a ‘lab’ to try out and mock up new ideas. The version you can see today will keep on evolving as we keep on exploring! So don’t miss the next models: they will be ever smarter, ever more tailored to outdoor activities and ever more Dacia!

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