designer hanne willmann details the expanded freifrau nana collection

Willmann is also a pioneer when it comes to the sofa – at least at Freifrau. ‘It is the first sofa in the programme.’ She appreciates the leap of faith, the openness and the flexibility that the manufacturer has also shown with it. ‘First of all, what interested me about Freifrau were the values. The special, feminine design, but also the local production and the sustainable and high-quality materials. When we got to know each other, the unique corporate culture was another plus. You can feel the family spirit, which is also transferred to the designers. We often sat together for hours, passionately discussing every detail. Freifrau creates furniture that they are convinced of and is less oriented towards what would perhaps be most sensible, from an economical point of view. In the end, though, they pull everyone along with them – because this is also felt by the customer, who is able to find furniture in the Freifrau collection that other companies might not dare to do.

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