eVTOL ‘axe by skyfly’ trades rotating wings for 70 KW motors with 280 KW peak power

Features of eVTOL Axe by Skyfly


One of the main features that hybrid and electric eVTOL Axe by Skyfly possesses lies in the eight brushless motors it anchors on its wing ends. With two motors placed in a single housing per wing end, the power allows redundancy in the motor unit and produces 70 KW peak power with 50 KW continuous power (the max thrust available is around 700 kilos). High-powered Lithium batteries fuel Axe along with its solid-state battery system that can be removed to allow the aircraft to continue flying without the need to recharge it. Aircraft company Skyfly claims that since its battery system has multiple redundancies, the eVTOL Axe will still fly regardless of battery failure. Axe by Skyfly features 100 to 200 miles of range, 100 mph cruise speed, eight 35 KW power sources, 172 kilos payload, and a two-passenger arrangement.

eVTOL ‘axe by skyfly’ trades rotating wings for 70 KW motors with 280 KW peak power
images courtesy of Skyfly



Replacing wings to save weight and improve safety


Axe by Skyfly’s design replaces the rotating engines or wings with motors that are at a fixed angle. The company intends such a design to save weight and improve safety and strength. The two pairs of compact wings can allow Axe by Skyfly to glide in landings rather than directly impact the pavement and, as the company claims, ‘even enable an energy-saving, standard fixed-wing aircraft take-off and landing where a conventional runway is available.’ The flight control system of the eVTOL draws its power from Veronte 4X by Embention, which has been designed to bear quadruple redundancy and avoid points of failure. The eVTOL Axe by Skyfly also features an optional hybrid generator system that charges the batteries as the aircraft flies. The company states that this character will increase the endurance of the aircraft by up to two hours, providing 50 KW of continuous power with only a 55-kilos weight penalty.

eVTOL ‘axe by skyfly’ trades rotating wings for 70 KW motors with 280 KW peak power
sample view of the white variant



redundant control system to stabilize the aircraft


Skyfly guarantees its audience that safety is ensured in Axe. Its quadruple redundant control system stabilizes the aircraft in hover and transition zones using the eight motors powering four propellors. The conventional fixed-wing mechanical controls allow the eVTOL for a glide landing in the event of a power failure. Then, a rocket launched ballistic parachute system helps the entire aircraft with its occupants be brought to safety in case of emergencies. Michael Thompson, CEO of Skyfly, says that Axe – available for pre-orders – gives customers flexibility and opens a new market for pilots that would not have previously been available. ‘With the Axe, you can fly from your garden to your friend’s house, avoiding traffic jams and cutting journey times to a quarter compared to using a car – as well as enjoying stunning views along the way,’ he shares.

eVTOL ‘axe by skyfly’ trades rotating wings for 70 KW motors with 280 KW peak power
it features a two-passenger seating

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