gucci x adidas designed summer-inspired streetwear collection in pop colors

Gucci x adidas on the sartorial streetwear


Luxury fashion house Gucci collaborated with sports brand Adidas to create a summer-infused streetwear collection that combines the signatures that have long marked the two brands and their penchant for streetwear and fashion design. Developed by Creative Director Alessandro Michele, Adidas and Gucci look into the theme of merging codes as the shoe designs, clothing, and accessories in the anthology fuse the sartorial streetwear with a spectrum of sport-inspired and pop-colored pieces where the heritage of both brands comes out, ready for the sunny weather and season. For the launch of the collection, Michele has envisioned a campaign that takes inspiration directly from an archival 1979 Adidas catalog.


In the campaign video, several people exercise fashionably, wearing the pieces from the collection as their voices speak about the purpose behind the collaboration. By adding a kinetic twist, the visuals come alive with energetic individuals stretching, running, or dancing in place to a soundtrack of pensive phrases portraying how Adidas and Gucci can spark inspiration as if slowly becoming words of affirmation consistently spoken. One says they live in that fine line between genius and obsession while golfing. Another says love is a kind of ritual and a language we learn to speak while twisting their arms and lifting their shoes, one foot at a time. Next, someone says the image is what we get lost in and the truth is the superpower we escape with while an individual pulls off a boxing stance. Between these affirmations, a model chants Adidas x Gucci, the final spell that materializes the wish.

gucci adidas collection
images courtesy of Gucci



Revamping the look of Gazelle


Some pieces from the collection include a jumpsuit that features the Trefoil motif. It has a white GG Trefoil jacquard, a Gucci Trefoil metal button, the 3-stripes and Gucci Web applique, a pointy collar section, four flap pockets, a detachable and adjustable Web belt, and a button closure. The collar and belt section as well as the side of the jumpsuit display the green and red strips of Gucci while the tag shows the Adidas logo with the imprint of Gucci below the image. For the shoes, the signature Adidas Gazelle meets its revamped look as Gucci’s name becomes embedded in the sole lining.


Made in Italy, the sneaker collection features a Gucci Trefoil print. A pair of sneakers that stands out points at the beige and brown Original GG canvas with details in Demetra, crafted from animal-free raw materials that are primarily from sustainable, renewable, and bio-based sources as the brands say. For the Gazelle series, the brands also share that the shoes are produced using natural cotton named Original GG and that the use of this specific fabric gives the shoes a distinctly vintage look. They remind clients that the material may cause loose threads that can appear after a time and through use.

gucci adidas collection
Gucci x Adidas designed summer-inspired streetwear collection in pop colors



Hybrid Gucci x Adidas


A mini-duffle bag features the ‘Gucci Adidas and Trefoil print, where the Web juxtaposes with the three white stripes and the GG monogram combines with the trefoil. Michele says he pulled his inspiration from the memories of the ’80s and ’90s, mixing the motifs of Gucci in those eras with the history of Adidas resulting to pave a way for a series of hybrid looks as seen in the duffle bag. 


Other pieces also include a bomber jacket with a ‘Gucci Adidas’ and Trefoil rubberized print. The yellow and purple design is made of polyester with interlocking G and Trefoil diagonal stripe print, a fixed hood with drawstring, Web detail, side zip pockets, a drawstring at the hem, and a zip closure. The combinations of rich and zesty colors and materials that go with velvet, snake print, and GG monogram variations seal the collaborations between Gucci x Adidas for the series, becoming a collector’s experience to treasure.


the video campaign of gucci x adidas collection

gucci adidas collection
the gucci x adidas collection combines the emblems of the two brands

gucci adidas collection
the gucci x adidas collection touches on the sartorial streetwear

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