IFAgroup v-shaped residence optimizes natural light and modernity

v-shaped home captures light and modernity 


Alongside the ‘Iławka’ River in Poland lies the ‘Single-family house,’ a V- shaped residential space that encapsulates modernity and the warmth of a family home. The architectural design optimizes natural daylight and is influenced by the surrounding landscape of greenery and the river.  


Architect IFA Kamil Domachowski designed the house to be different from the surrounding single family flats, but simultaneously well-integrated with the environment. The majority of the flats were built in the 1960’s and have various shapes and proportions, which is a typical small town setting. However, the ‘Single-family house,’ is distinguished by its v-shape, white color, and a spacious open plan.   

single family house in ilawa 11
v-shaped residence extends from the street to the river

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interconnected and extends ALONGside its surroundings 


This house is built on a narrow plot of land with a southern entrance from the city street and a northern view of the river. The entrance area is preceded by a garage connected to the house through the southern patio. As a result, the homeowners can immediately drive the car into the garage from the street. Between the garage and the house, there is a southern patio that extends from the living room, which gives the house its unique V letter shape. The exit from the living room leads to the patio located in the southern part of the plot, while from the dining room, residents can enjoy the view from the northwest patio. The architects designed both patios strategically to preserve the privacy of its inhabitants where by-passers cannot see what happens inside the residence. 

single family house in ilawa 4
open living area


light-filled rooms enrich the open plan design


Light plays an important role in this design. The architects from IFA Group made sure that the house does not overheat, but at the same time assuring each room is properly lit. Accordingly, this project illustrates the possibility of implementing modern and functional structures within a small plot of land. It is designed as an open plan on the ground floor with a variety of spaces for all household members, which includes a recording room, accessible through the kitchen, and a children’s room as well as a boiler room on the lower mezzanine. The upper mezzanine acts as a separating block intended to ensure the parent’s privacy.  


Placing colorful accented furniture within the spaces gives the home a fun and friendly character. Blue storage cabinets with red interiors, maroon tiles above the kitchen counter, colored heaters, a red refrigerator, and different sofas all play a role in identifying the playfulness of each space while emphasizing the home’s modern yet family-oriented design.   

single family house in ilawa 6
breathable living room

single family house in ilawa 10

single family house in ilawa 7
kitchen and dining room with accented furniture

single family house in ilawa 5
vibrant blue and red storage


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