julien labrousse creates theater restaurant inside portuguese palace

an experiential theater restaurant by Julien Labrousse


Inside an 18th-century Portuguese palace, Julien Labrousse’s Palacio do Grilo is a restaurant in the middle of a living theater where each member of the team is an actor or performer, ready to surprise the audience. The architect creates this unique and joyful artistic experience in a singular and slightly eccentric approach to offer a unique cultural experience in the heart of Lisbon. In a collaboration with artist Olivier Urman and interior designer Elsa Kikoine, the Neoclassical structure is preserved while new themed furniture, sculptural artworks and scenography are tailor-made and curated for the restaurant to enhance the unique festive experience. 

julien labrousse creates eccentric theater restaurant inside neoclassical portuguese palace
the neoclassical interior is adorned with baroque motifs

all images courtesy of Julien Labrousse



a unique cultural experience in the heart of lisbon


French architect Julien Labrousse’s hybrid theater restaurant is an unclassifiable cultural and historical place. The restaurant is held within an historic 18th-century Neoclassical palatial complex, adorned with baroque expressions and motifs. Within the Palacio do Grilo, the structure and design of the place have been retained to emphasise its beauty and integrated into the experiential restaurant theatre. The patinas of time have been accentuated to reinforce their charm, and the previously abandoned stable has been revived and reconnected to the main palace to create a new room with another tone.


All the scenography and furniture was tailor-made for the project to enhance the space and experience. Julien Labrousse designs the architecture and new furniture pieces, including a wooden table and chairs with intricate geometric details. French artist Olivier Urman designs the performance work, and produces animal and figure sculptures alongside large format sculptural paintings to dress the walls. A sculptural bar, made of solid eucalyptus wood sourced from Portugal, sits in the former stables, in a design that plays on simple forms and contemporary fairytales to contribute to the atmosphere. In other rooms, old furniture has been reinvented and displayed in a museum-like manner. The curation has been refined by interior designer Elsa Kikoine.

palacio do grilo living theatre composed by julien labrousse 1
the furniture was designed by Julien Labrousse

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