metaweek returns to dubai to define the future of the metaverse

MetaWeek returns to Dubai for its second edition


Following the success of the first MetaWeek held in March this year, the large-scale international event will be returning to Dubai for its second edition from September 11th to 14th, 2022. The week-long event is set to foster innovation and creativity, bringing together thousands of web 3.0 enthusiasts, NFT creators, AI forerunners, gaming tycoons and blockchain masterminds from across the world to set the future trends of Metaverse applications. Industry pioneers and thought leaders will convene in Dubai — the Middle East’s largest and busiest hub for emerging technologies — to discuss the exciting future of the digital realm and the boundless possibilities it presents for technologists, designers and architects.

metaweek returns to dubai in september 2022 to define the future of the metaverse
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industry pioneers will discuss the future of the metaverse


MetaWeek supports Dubai’s recent significant efforts in digital economy development and Metaverse adoption, as it rapidly becomes one of the world’s leading proponents in utilizing cutting edge tech like blockchain and Metaverse tools. The event will be organized by the NexChange Group — a media platform specializing in the Blockchain and Metaverse — in collaboration with over fifteen supporting organizations. It will showcase the many tech and business communities that are embracing the Metaverse and betting on the future of the virtual realm.


Over the two-day MetaWeek Summit, more than 100 speakers and 2,000 live participants will gather to discuss several innovative industry themes. Industry leaders such as Bitcoin pioneer Nick Spanos, chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands Yat Siu, and digital and crypto artist VESA, will explore topics ranging from digital asset market trends, and gaming and real estate ecosystems to NFTs, digital fashion, and ‘phygitalism’, the blending of physical experiences with digital ones (see the full agenda here). 

metaweek returns to dubai in september 2022 to define the future of the metaverse
Ares House by Daniel Arsham | NFT and virtual architectural landmark in the metaverse



what will the metaverse mean for architects and designers?


The Metaverse is set to realize an exciting alternate reality — a virtual universe encompassing immersive environments and presenting boundless possibilities. Revolutionizing the way creatives design and innovate, there is now a new potential to overcome the challenges and limitations of creating and functioning in the real world. Having established a strong foothold in the digital world, a lot of progress has already been made in the development of the Metaverse since it was announced by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in 2021. However, there is still much uncertainty around its nuances, including what exactly it will entail, how it will function and how it will become realized.


Some recent projects we have featured on designboom (see below) highlight the innovative efforts of artists, architects and designers to shape this enigmatic virtual universe. Now, architects and engineers can design and construct developments without the countless constraints that must be adhered to when creating in the physical world. Likewise, media artists will be able to produce virtual collections, showcased in innovative ways through the likes of digital exhibitions and auctions, and sold as NFTS — all in the boundless realm of the Metaverse.

metaweek returns to dubai in september 2022 to define the future of the metaverse
Metaverse House by Andrés Reisinger | a visual manifesto on digital architecture for The Row

metaweek returns to dubai in september 2022 to define the future of the metaverse
make room for us by Six N. Five | an architectural project in the digital realm which adapts architecture to nature

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