‘one tree four seasons – season II’ by ulf mejergren + antti laitinen

introducing ‘One Tree Four Seasons – Season II’ 


Following the first part of their ‘One Tree Four Seasons’ series, Ulf Mejergren Architects (UMA) and Finnish artist Antti Laitinen unveil ‘Season II’ of their collaborative work. As mentioned in designboom’s previous coverage, the duo is working on a specific tree to create four different projects, one for each season, using the available material found in nature. ‘Some of the materials that nature has to offer can only be found at certain periods over the year, which turns each project into a reflection of that particular time,’ explains UMA. 


UMA + antti laitinen convert tree into concert space for part II of their seasonal art seriesentrance to the concert space



step inside ulf mejergren + antti laitinen’s primitive concert space 


Indeed, each variation will take advantage of the tree’s different seasonal appearances, given how it’s the star of the series. The chosen tree stands solitary on a field south of Stockholm, Sweden, nestled on a small hill of overgrown rocks. Its current location and condition results from an old farm practice that clears the fields from obstacles and sets the trees in one place, creating small islands.


That said, for Season II, which started in August 2022, UMA (see more here) and Laitinen (see more here) collected hay from the surrounding field to create a floor and seating inside the structure as well as inner walls while reconfiguring the crown of the tree into a roof-like volume. The resulting design offers a primitive concert space. Once completed, a local string quartet known as Julikvartetten was invited to conduct a performance inside the tree as a homage to it. Outside the entrance, the duo added temporary stairs made of hay bales to give indoor access to the musicians.

one tree four seasons season ii 2
the concert space with seating and inner walls made of hay from the surrounding field

one tree four seasons season ii 4


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