rent this invisible house to disappear into california’s mojave desert

blending into the desert landscape


A mirrored box dubbed ‘Invisible House’ floats gently above the delicate landscape of California‘s Mojave Desert. The facade of reflective glass lends a transforming presence to the project, as it reflects a postcard image of the American Southwest from one perspective, and camouflages into its background from another. 


Designed in 2019, the architecture is the result of a collaboration between film producer Chris Hanley and Tomas Osinski, an architect known for his collaborations with Frank Gehry (see designboom’s coverage of their recent partnership here). The Invisible House is now available to rent for $150,000 USD per month with Engel & Völkers Santa Monica. 

invisible house joshua treeimages courtesy Engel & Völkers Santa Monica



rent the invisible house


The Invisible House (see more here) is located along a plot in the Mojave Desert which borders California’s protected Joshua Tree National Park. With respect for the land beneath it, architect Tomas Osinski elevates the house atop a set of concrete piles to minimize its footprint. Thus, the mirrored volume cantilevers lightly above the rocks. 


Inside, the dwelling houses three bedrooms and three baths. Once entering the space, guests are greeted with a 100 foot-long swimming pool in the living room with its lofty, eleven-foot ceilings. See the listing on Engel & Völkers Santa Monica here!

invisible house joshua tree

invisible house joshua tree invisible house joshua tree

rent this invisible house to disappear into california's mojave desert

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