rojkind arquitectos’ dark casa pasiddhi encloses a sunny garden

a house on a loop


Rojkind Arquitectos presents its Casa Pasiddhi, a dwelling located in the Hacienda de Valle Escondido neighborhood of Mexico‘s Ciudad López Mateos. The project translates traditional residential programming into a ‘meandering discovery,’ where everything occurs along a circulation system contained within a solid concrete volume. The route takes shape as a ‘semi-dark passage’ and is primarily illuminated with overhead skylights during the day and with subtle down-lights in the evening. The architecture faces inward, away from its modern, country-style neighbors, expressing itself from the street as a solid and brutalist stone volume.

rojkind arquitectos casa pasiddhi
images © Jaime Navarro courtesy Rojkind Arquitectos



casa pasiddhi shelters a hidden garden


The team at Rojkind Arquitectos wraps the exterior street-facing walls of its Casa Pasiddhi in a simple lattice of vertical woods slats. Upon entering, the house opens up in fluted black concrete, expressing its circular organization like an abstracted diagram. The architects note: ‘The volume rises, freeing the garden and showing different areas of the house amongst the abundant and wild vegetation.‘ This snaking house encloses a centralized ‘contemplation patio garden.’ The private rooms and gathering spaces hover above this patio and look downward into it. The house functions as a protective wall, sheltering the hidden garden from the street.

rojkind arquitectos casa pasiddhi



dark passages and bright rooms by rojkind arquitectos


Rojkind Arquitectos curates the experience of its Casa Pasiddhi to shift from semi-dark circulation spaces to wide, open views. These moments of relief take shape with bright floor-to-ceiling glass that furthers the connection between the interiors and the plant-filled garden. The home’s exterior presents a largely contrasting language. The group explains: ‘the spaces that are delimited, framed, or covered by the volume that rises and winds, create multiple experiences within a garden that invites you to visit it and discover the different areas of the house.’


The team makes use of only three materials — concrete, wood and glass — in the design of the house. The concrete is expressed with two colors and textures. Gray concrete creates a smooth finish along the walls of the service elements and slabs, while dark concrete is manipulated with a zigzag finish to demarcate the project’s embracing gesture.

rojkind arquitectos casa pasiddhi rojkind arquitectos casa pasiddhi rojkind arquitectos casa pasiddhi

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