S-AR installs wooden pyrotechnic tower at mexico design fair 2022

s-ar studio installs wooden tower for firework display


For the Mexico Design Fair 2022, architecture and design firm S-AR unveiled their new pyrotechnic installation on the beach at Casa Naila in Oaxaca, Mexico, for an extravagant firework display. Developed through a collaboration between S-AR and the fireworks workshop of the Martínez family from Salamanca, Guanajuato, the tower-like installation has a delicate yet imposing presence. Standing tall in a lightweight cuboidal frame made of wood, metal, concrete and reed, the pyrotechnic display tower emerges from the flat beach and horizon as a vertical volume that is visible from beyond the site. In a reinterpretation of a traditional lighthouse, the tower re-enacts the concept of signalling light to a distant observer, while also serving as an adaptation of the spectacle of the sun at sunrise and sunset in this area of the Mexican Pacific.  

S-AR's pyrotechnic tower installation illuminates the night sky at mexico design fair 2022
S-AR produces the installation for the Mexico Design Fair 2022  | image by Mónica Garrido



celebrating design + pyrotechnics at mexico design fair 


With the pyrotechnic installation at Mexico Design Fair 2022 the Monterrey-based design studio wanted to explore the possibilities of design where fire, light and festivity are fused, to create an inspiring, jubilant experience for spectators. In design and concept, S-AR’s tower is symbolic, celebrating both the pyrotechnic craft tradition that originates from Mexico and the annual design festival.


In the daylight S-AR’s tower installation remains unlit, its dark wooden frame standing prominently against its backdrop of a clear, light blue of the sky and sea, and distant horizon. The natural light and natural, minimal surrounding context allows for a purer reading of the complexity and elegance of the structure for an appreciation of the design. At night, the structure becomes lost as it seamlessly blends into the dark sky while the pyrotechnic display commences. The light emitting from the fireworks suspends stark tones of white and yellow against the black canvas of the night sky, accentuating the entire space with an ephemeral quality.

S-AR's pyrotechnic tower installation illuminates the night sky at mexico design fair 2022
the lightweight cuboidal frame is made of wood with metal reinforcements | image courtesy of S-AR

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