Skechers Jason Un Pants – Comfort From the Past and the Future

Skechers Jason Un Pants are a fashion-conscious line of men’s exercise apparel. With their funky hats, retro styles, and easy-to-wear functionality, these gym shorts have become a hit with men who want to look their best at the gym while also being able to do their workouts in style.

They have something for every type of guy – the Men’s MotionOp! Short Sleeve Shirt is especially great for the weekend golfer who wants to look his best without carrying around a ton of gear. An unhindered look reveals your confidence and undershirt while you cool down. Another hot look is the Men’s Elasticrive Shirt, which can feature three interior pockets to help you stay organized throughout your workout. A slightly longer torso offers better movement when you’re training for your 10-hour bike ride.

Comfort Plus

Unlike many other brands, Skechers Jason Un pants are made to fit your unique body. They have a classic mid-rise design to fit the Leroy range perfectly. For active types who need to move with plenty of leg movement and plenty of movement on the core muscles, these pants are ideal. The unique fabric weave avoids chaffing and helps ensure a lightweight feel perfect for leading the pack at the gym.

Naturally brilliant with its white base and rear design, this is a great model for summer skaters who want to look fashionable even as they hit the gym. The tapered waist band won’t grow tired after a few days of constant wear like many sports shorts. Because of its luxurious simplicity, you can wear these pants on the weekend whenever you please.

What’s even more interesting is Skechers’ decision to tailor the Jason Un pants to the female form. If you’ve ever trained on a treadmill, you’ll understand the need for this technology. It takes pounds off the waist and works with your body to regulate proper blood flow throughout the mid section.

It’s this technology that made the women’s similar hardy athletic shorts from Skechers special Tealities that are made from 100%otton. They still have the funky Lycra stitching that the guy in the street will notice, but these shorts are functional and functional for a woman.

So if you’re a woman who wants to pull off that cutting edge figure but who also wants to be fashionable – like the girl in you – Skechers Jason Un Pants are the way to go. They are fashion with fitness and sporty with a touch of class. You can find them for $20 plus shipping and to add to your comfort quotient, these short pants are washable and dry quickly.

Where to Get Them

You can purchase Skechers Jason Un pants at the following locations:

upscale department store, H&M

Casual women’s clothing store, Naked & Good

fitness and health store, Mas Simply

Women’s Wearhouse


Gym clothes – have a style uber cool

Wedding dresses – have an idea in your head what you want and visit one of these stores

Since these pants are such a hit, you may want to get a few pairs. Check your local stores for specials. You can also conduct an online search and compare prices.

Once You’ve Tested the Theme

Go for it. You know you want to get the look you think you’d be wearing, so prove to yourself you can consistently carry-off the look. Before you buy the outfit head to the dressing room to test the theme before you go out dressed like that. Otherwise, you’ll be letting your audience know that he/she can carry the look.

You may love the outfit but trust me it won’t last long.

What’s Still to Be Worn

Although I’d suggest you eventually discard any outfit that “looks like” an ex-boyfriend’s twirl shirt, having one on your wish list will depend on your personal style. For an ultra-feminine, gif-giving gift, try a chiffon pink princess pajama set with matching earrings and necklace. Orchid is also a popular choice. It’s fresh and flirty without being childish. For an edgy cowboy look, opt for abigails. They are both chick and classic. Don’t go overboard on glitter, however. You want to convey a “dressed for success” look without looking like “that girl from the corner”.for sexy evening wear try on sleet or shimmer. Basic black is always a good choice. If you want to go really high fashion, opt for a onesignature necktieand cufflinks ensemble.

Overall, own only one pair of men’s suits. That way, the flattering cuts and trendy styles will constantly be in style. But you’ll need to have a good pair to get away with this trend.