small streams swivel around studio velocity’s awazuku house

Awazuku House by Studio Velocity


Studio Velocity has completed Awazuku House, an ensemble of small rental structures in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Nestled among a landscape of woodlands, winding paths, and streams, the project seeks to assimilate the impressive natural landscape of the area and translate it into an architectural language. The resulting structure sees different houses surrounded by small streams, giving the impression that they are floating. Each unit adopts a permeable silhouette thanks to the extensive openings from different directions, flooding the interior with natural light and pops of green.small streams swivel around studio velocity's awazuku house in japanall images by Studio Velocity



Material Reuse and Waterways


The design team sought to make the most of the surrounding scene, reflecting it on the body of the structures. Each small house accommodates a loft and extensive windows with sweeping views of the mountains. Thanks to the various heights, the position of the buildings, and the direction of the roof slope, the views of the loft floors are not obstructed and do not overlap with the buildings on the site. 


The architects employed sustainable strategies and materials. They collected materials that were left over in the area and revived them for the new project. They utilized stones from the neglected walls that had been piled up along the site as earth retainers to prevent falls. The pillars and beams from the existing house are turned into benches and now decorate Awazuku House’s outdoor space. The hedges, which are often seen in the area, are first transplanted to the adjacent field and then relocated to the site for reuse. Their new function supports the flow line and provides privacy. The old well, which is no longer in use, was tested for water quality, and then a hand pump was installed to make it functional again.


Rainwater is collected and drained by a waterway that meanders around the site. The architects gave it a gentle curve to fit the nearby stream, adding a breeze atmosphere to the structures. This waterway also serves as a boundary between the buildings, fulfilling the requirements of privacy. Moreover, it can be used as an emergency water supply in case of water outages. 

small streams swivel around studio velocity's awazuku house in japanthe water surface of the waterway created on the site is swaying in the sea breeze

small streams swivel around studio velocity's awazuku house in japan the waterway shapes the boundary of the buildingsmall streams swivel around studio velocity's awazuku house in japan

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