step inside the brightly-colored lyonesse pictures office by kii

step inside the brightly-colored lyonesse pictures office 


Located in a 50-year-old tenant building in Tokyo, the new office of Lyonesse Pictures, a video production company specializing in drama and movie genres, welcomes employees into a brightly-colored and light-filled workspace. Taking advantage of natural lighting shining through the space’s three large windows, architects Satoshi Arai and Kei Nakatomi from Japanese studio Kii ‘planned to create a highly transparent space where the entire floor can be felt as one.’


Set against a neutral backdrop, each space is carefully designed with a selection of saturated and pastel colors — ranging from bright pink to baby blue and dark green. Excluding the existing columns and central seating area, textures and patterns are generally omitted from the interior design to maintain visual flow. 

kii injects workspace in tokyo with a satisfying palette of blue, pink, and yellow tones

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creating soft boundaries throughout  


Beyond offering a refreshing ambiance, the studio also aimed for a space that promotes interaction, as Lyonesse Pictures’s work ethos revolves around collaborating with different industries. That said, Arai and Nakatomi devised a zoning layout using colored furniture and different types of transparent curtains to create soft boundaries, allowing light to pass through a room while gently blocking the line of sight from outside.


‘By adding color, a sort of boundary could be created around the furniture, making it possible to softly divide one connected space where people, things, and functions intermingle naturally,’ explains the team. 

kii injects workspace in tokyo with a satisfying palette of blue, pink, and yellow tones

central area of the new Lyonesse Pictures office, showcasing the bright color range



When night falls, the interior lighting — fitted generously at the base of curtains and columns — transforms the office into an entirely new atmosphere, where colors and shadows deepen as warm-toned reflections flood the different rooms with a feeling of intimacy, focus, and calm. The new Lyonesse Pictures office is the latest architectural and interior design project from Kii, completed back in November of 2021.

lyonesse pictures office

a space of unity and flow 

lyonesse pictures office

using transparent curtains to encourage soft boundaries


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