submersible ‘u-boat worx NEMO’ brings riders 330 feet below the sea

Single or double-seater NEMO submersibles


Earlier this year, designboom reported the Nexus series of the Dutch submersible manufacturer U-Boat Worx that can seat up to nine people and glide down to the sea up to 200 meters. The manufacturer reimagines its water vehicle into a private submersible through U-Boat Worx NEMO, offered in two models that can both dive down the ocean up to 330 feet or 100 meters at a speed of 3 knots underwater.


NEMO 2 is a two-seater submersible that weighs about 2,500 kilos while NEMO 1 is a single-seater model that, as the company states, is the lightest manned submersible with its weight of 2,100 kilos. The lightweight and compact features of the NEMO series allow the submersible to be suited to yachts of all sizes, and can also double as a private submarine for non-yacht owners since the company writes that it is supported by beach launchers and towable car trailers to be brought in the sea.

lightweight submersible ‘u-boat worx nemo’ dives up to 330 feet at 3 knots
images courtesy of U-Boat Worx



Lightweight and compact NEMO series


Both NEMO 1 and 2 underline the signature style that marks U-Boat Worx’ with their acrylic spherical viewport, battery-powered electrical propulsion, a multitude of safety systems, air-conditioning, and certification by the classification society DNV. On taking delivery of their NEMO, the company writes that the owners can undergo pilot training at U-Boat Worx’s Sub Center Curaçao if they wish, alongside their yacht or at their private premises.


The compact design also means that the NEMO series requires less storage space than two jet skis combined with NEMO 2’s length of 280 centimeters, width of 231 centimeters, and height of 155 centimeters while NEMO 1 boasts a length of 255 centimeters, a width of 222 centimeters, and a height of 148 centimeters.

lightweight submersible ‘u-boat worx nemo’ dives up to 330 feet at 3 knots
U-Boat Worx NEMO 2



1,000 submarines in operation by 2030


U-Boat Worx has started the volume production of its NEMO submersibles with the NEMO 1 priced at 545,000 EUR and NEMO 2 at 590,000. The company calls these numbers ‘competitive pricing with unrivaled owner experience supported by global customer service.’


As U-Boat Worx Founder and Chairman, Bert Houtman, comments, ‘We set out on a mission to introduce safe and effortless access to the underwater world to as many people as possible. With the NEMO pricing revolution, we’re now taking the next step in this journey with the aim of having 1,000 submarines in operation by 2030.’

lightweight submersible ‘u-boat worx nemo’ dives up to 330 feet at 3 knots
U-Boat Worx NEMO 2 is a two-seater model

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