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The World According to Designer Handbags – LV, Juicy Couture

The handbag has been a part of women’s lives since time immemorial. Even though the male folks are always busy dealing with many things that might distract them from looking their best, women have been dealing with the demands of their accessories from time immemorial. In fact, women of different status used to gift their bags to their girlfriends, which were used to symbolize their richness and refined status in society.

In today’s world, designer handbags are a must have for every woman, high and low. Each woman wishes to have a range of designer handbags, which come at a higher quality and durability, but most of the times they cannot afford to spend so much money on just a handbag. The designer houses however, have been able to revolutionize this concept. The handbags, which are available today, are so good in style and design as well as they are made out of the skin of various exotic skins, such as crocodile, ostrich, python and Hermes even, so.

A Hermes Birkin bag is said to be a gift for a woman, worthy of a selection as high a member of the society. These handbags have been loaded with glamour and shimmer since its introduction, and more and more women in the society are recognizing the splendor of this bag, thanks to fashion shocks that pop up every so often. The Birkin bag is said to be able to accommodate herself in an 600 ml capacity, with 2 cm freshwater glass lock. The lock has beenlock tailored for Hermes custom and is made up of two girle ends. The bag typically hung on a handle which is just a little longer than the shoulder level.

A Hermes Birkin bag is well on the classy side, with a price tag usually meant to appeal theAffaphael choicesand those like Liz Hurley possesses. The price has gone up over the years, but you can always get one Birkin bag at& behind the Hermes Transfer Bag which serve as instant wardrobe makeovers. It is typically hand crafted from the exotic ostrich skin and is available in a lot of models, such as the popular Hermes Birkin dauber Optim sexy Paris bag.

It is said that a Hermes Birkin bag can be bought for $9.1 million; however, the price has dropped slightly since the launch of the Birkin bag in 2002. The latest Birkin bag, the tri-fold cross, known as the classic bag is in fact hand crafted from the skin of a crocodile. The materials used for handbags have long been the talk of the day, especially the latest talking point, and the quality behind the recent handbags has been very well known for quite some time. Louis Vuitton; Coco Chanel; Christian Lacroix, are all famous brands, whose bags or purses are in fact the product of long years of dedication to the people behind the fashion, aesthetics, and tailoring of the products.

Most of us admire the work that the fashion houses put into making their handbags and the beautiful suede handbags. We admire the stitching, the patterns, the leather, and the decorative fabrics that are used in the making of the latest bags. Yet, we shy away from buying the bags, for we think that our budget is a slight factor and too good of a bag could therefore hurt our wallet. The good news is that fashion and luxury is not only about the gatherings and pronouncements, but is also a matter of spreading the savings. There is nothing more magnificent than buying a bag that is way beyond your budget.

What is it about a Peekaboo bag that makes it oh so desirable? It is all about impressing. Yes, a Peekaboo handbag is, in itself, an astonishing bag. But, what really makes it ensure a favourite among fashion conscious women, and make it a defy unbelievable to the rest of the world? Well for one, it is just way out of ordinary. Another, is of course, the bag’s cutting edge design. Yes, this bag boasts a design that is very much different from others out there. This bag is special, if for no other reason, because it is the first designer bag to be released that is not based on an existing popular style. It also makes use of not just frequent references to other accessory and style icons, but instead makes use of some pretty interesting and bold combinations. This bag is really bold, and is sure to set off eyes wherever it goes.

Another thing that makes the Peekaboo line a class apart is that it has used rather unusual colourings for the bags. The dominant colours used in the bags are pinks and reds. There are some used patterns as well, but they are used very subtly.