the first no mess traveler mug heats coffee for over 50% longer

the first no mess traveler mug by nobot labs


SüpKüp by Nobot Labs is the first reusable traveler mug that preserves the heat and flavor of hot beverages for over 50% longer, without requiring liquid transfer or cleaning between uses. The traveler is made with the goal of replacing paper coffee sleeves to reduce unnecessary paper waste, while delivering an elegant, efficient design. Built from durable polycarbonate, the traveler is equipped with a hands-free paper cup selector, to snugly hold multiple size to-go paper coffee cups from some of the most popular coffeehouses, including Starbucks.

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SüpKüp keeps hot drinks heated for over 50% longer


Engineered with precision by designer Quinton Casburn and Sean Tipton of the Texas-based design firm Nobot Labs, the reusable traveler mug is compatible with many popular coffeehouses’ medium and large hot to-go cups, including Starbucks venti and grande, nestling the paper cups and hot beverages inside. With the insertion of a removable paper cup, an efficient airtight seal is created inside the traveler. Forming a double-walled, air insulated chamber the SüpKüp can retain the heat of a hot drink for over 50% longer than a paper cup in open air. The mug is also equipped with an innovative double helix screw ejector that can remove the used paper cup, keeping both hands and the SüpKüp clean. By twisting the rotating base, the paper cup can be ejected directly into a recycling bin when no longer needed. As no coffee comes into contact with the surface of the SüpKüp, it remains clean and ready for the next use.


Each SüpKüp comes integrated with a custom designed, embedded mount that can hold an Apple AirTag and an included SüpPük. The customizable, collectible Püks can be engraved to the request of user to personalize their cup, and they can even design their own.

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the reusable traveler mug is built from durable polycarbonate



SüpKüp is a product of Nobot Labs, designed by Sean Tipton & Quinton Casburn, and is patent pending, tested, and ready for production. SüpKüp is launching with a limited edition all-clear design along with an initial price of $39 for Kickstarter crowdfunding backers. After launch black, white and green color variations will be available for purchase, with an estimated delivery of early 2023.


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after crowdfunding, it will be available to purchase in black, white and green color variations

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with the insertion of a removable paper cup, an airtight seal is created

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